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  • What size television is best for a living room?

    For your main television, you should aim for a display that is at least 42” wide.

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What are 4K televisions?

Sometimes called Ultra HD (high definition), 4K televisions are the next generation of television screen technology and deliver images which are 4 times the clarity of Full HD.

What are Smart Televisions?

As opposed to regular televisions, smart televisions use your internet connection to give you access to a greater range of services and features such as streaming, web browsing and social networking.

What is 3D TV?

3D televisions offer a sense of depth which is not possible in regular 2D televisions which allows for a more immersive experience. Viewers will need to wear special glasses when watching media in 3D.

What is HD TV?

HD TV is the current standard of screen quality and is available in two versions: 720p (HD-ready) and 1080p (Full HD).

What are plasma TVs?

Plasma televisions are very thin televisions which use tiny fluorescent lights to create a picture. This type of television technology has a whole range of advantages such as wider viewing angles, uniform brightness and vibrant colors.

What are LED TVs?

LED TVs are a type of LCD TV that use Light Emitting Diodes to light up the screen as opposed to the fluorescent style of backlighting used in old LCD TVs.

What are LCD TVs?

As opposed to old-school televisions which use CRTs (short for cathode ray tubes) to produce images, LCD TVs use liquid crystal display technology. LCD TVs have a number of advantages such as thin designs, sharp images and bright displays.

What are the advantages of curved televisions?

While some people argue that curved televisions are nothing more than a gimmick, in actuality they have a number of advantages over traditional flat TVs. Advantages unique to curved televisions include a more immersive experience, superior contrast and wi

Which type of television is the most energy efficient: LCD or plasma?

Out of these two popular television technologies, plasma televisions are by far the most power-hungry. The most efficient LCD televisions are backlit or edge lit with LEDs.