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  • What is a range cooker?

    As its name suggests, a range cooker is a cooker that offers a range of cooking options. Typically, a range cooker will include six burners, two ovens, at least one grill and a warming draw.

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What is the difference between an oven and a cooker?

Ovens are built-in units which do not have hobs. On the other hand, a cooker can be a free-standing device and will have at least one cooking zone and a set of hobs.

What are the advantages of gas cookers?

Gas cookers are cheaper to run than electric cookers and food cooked in a gas oven is moister than food cooked in an electric oven.

What are the advantages of electric cookers?

Electric cookers have easy to clean hobs and they create an even oven temperature. In addition, electric ovens are easier to install and turn on.